Advent Racing Pants

The Advent ALL FLEX LITE Race Pants has arrived!

Full stretch to every panel makes Second Advent the Elite Choice in Race apparel. Made from a lightweight outer shell and Dura flex durable material there are no restrictions when performing your best on the bike.

? BMX & MTB ?

FaithRace pants are designed by Riders for Riders. All styles have adjustable ratchet on waist to cater for actual and in between sizes. These pants also feature longer legs so no more issues with pants that are too short and rise up. Microfibre inside waist lining for soft touch and silicone logo prevent slipping and keep your jersey in.

  • Industrial strength polyamide yarn used in weft and warp direction of strategic panels.
  • Superior abrasion resistance.
  • Improved comfort and durability.
  • Accordion upper knee panel from shell fabric for durable flex motion.
  • Functional flex polyester is only crotch and across back panel for overall comfort.

?  Worn by Winners ?